Oral Steroids

Oral Steroids

Even prior to 1940, there was some spotty medical use of testosterone and its various extracts in medicine. In the mid 50's, John Ziegler, M.D., who happened to be a consultant to the York Barbell weightlifters, began to suspect that the rapidly rising Russian lifters were ingesting more than borscht and Sholichnaya vodka.

Sure enough, after bellying up to the bar with the Soviet team physician, Ziegler (always the patriot), managed to finagle from the Russian team M.D. that his troops were washing down Methyltestosterone tablets with their vodka.

Dr. Ziegler (ever the chemist, too) went to work, and with some important chemical modifications to testosterone, the doctor, in collaboration with Ciba, developed Dianabol (methandrostenolone), an oral steroid with an unparalleled powerful effect. Complete rights were retained by Ciba pharmaceuticals (who long ago discontinued the drug's manufacture).

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Anadrol 50 (oxymetholone) 50mg * 60 Tablets
Powerful DHT based anabolic steroid, Anadrol can rapidly increase size and 10-15kg of growth is n..
£70 £35
Aromasin 20 (exemestane) 20mg * 50 Tablets
Aromasin is an Aromatase Inhibitor which stops the conversion of Androgens into estrogen by disab..
£55 £40
Clomid 50 (clomiphene) 50mg * 60 Tablets
One of the most important compounds of any PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), Clomid stimulates the releas..
£45 £35
Dianabol 10 (methandienone) 10mg * 100 Tablets
Dianabol was one of the first anabolic steroids ever produced and is responsible for many early d..
£40 £21
Nolvadex 20 (tamoxifen) 20mg * 50 Tablets
One of the most important compounds of any PCT (Post Cycle Therapy), Nolvadex stimulates the rele..
£45 £30
Proviron 25 (mesterolone) 25mg * 50 Tablets
Excellent compound to use especially in conjunction with Anavar. Will elevate mood, increase libi..
£55 £35
Viagra 50 (Sildenafil) 50mg * 30 Tablets
Viagra is a tablet to be taken as and when needed. When sex drive or erectile disfunction problem..
£40 £25
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